Loom-state Canvas

Loom-state Canvas at Bemtwood Textoiles. When it comes to cotton canvas there is generally a variety of different types, weights and lengths available for purchase. Canvas is plain-woven fabric typically made out of Acrylic or Cotton. Canvas fabric is known for being durable, sturdy and versatile. By blending cotton with synthetic fibers, like polyester, the canvas becomes more durable, making it a great option for more heavy-duty applications or commercial environments where more traffic is present.  

Loom state canvas refers to woven fabrics that come straight from the loom. Loom-state canvas is available in both a 100% cotton and polyester cotton blend. Because of the yarn used and nature of the fabric process, loom-state canvas is more of a cream or off white colour. This natural colour lends itself nicely to applications where you don’t want a bright white material. Quite often than not, a subtle fleck is present in loom-state canvas which is a result of the fabric coming straight from the loom. This fleck adds a nice look and feel to the fabric, enhancing textile character. Our 14oz 100% cotton canvas is a good example of this.  

Here at Bentwood Textiles we have been using our range of cotton canvas for 8 years.  Choose from a variety of different weighted cotton and blended polyester cotton canvas. Suitable for a range of applications including sling chairs / directors Chairs / upholstery / chair covers / couch covers / photograph backdrops / drapery / bags / table runners and more. 

Loom-state fabrics can be washed in a washing machine on a gentle cycle using cold water. Dry in the shade and keep out of direct sunlight. Before you begin your project, we recommend pre washing the canvas as shrinkage is about 6%.