INSTYLE'S THINK Range of Premium Upholstery Fabrics. 

Instyles Think range is a high-quality premium fabric suitable for indoor and outdoor furniture. Think provides a high-end aesthetic to any indoor / outdoor setting. We recommend this product for all residential and commercial fit-out applications as well as marine applications for interior and exterior settings.   

Perfectly balancing fun and quirky colour-ways with clean design, the 'Think' range of indoor and outdoor upholstery fabrics offers a long list of positives.

Made from 100% Olefin, 'Think' is extremely UV resistant, water resistant and mould resistant. Olefin fiber has become quite synonymous with modern outdoor fabrics applications. It's a synthetic fiber used in the manufacturing of vehicle interiors, carpeting, wallpaper and ropes. Olefin’s advantages are its strength, colourfastness and resistance to staining. 

Commercial Upholstery Fabrics - Indoor and Outdoor Fabrics for Residential and Commercial Spaces. 

Commercial Fabrics, like Think, need to have a certain level of durability. A Few things to look out for when trying to find the right fabric include the following: 

Colourfastness to light - A fabrics ability to resist fading or colour change when exposed to light. 

Abrasion Resistance - The ability of a fabric to withstand surface wear due to rubbing. Measured in rub cycles by a machine designed to replicate general wear and tear. 

Fabric for Marine Upholstery. 

Like commercial fabrics, fabrics used for boating applications need to have a certain level of durability. A Few things to look out for when trying to find the right fabric for your boat or yacht include the following. 

Water resistance - A fabrics ability to bead water when exposed to liquid. 

Mould & Mildew resistance - A fabrics ability to resist mildew. Mildew esistant fabrics are specially formulated with microbicidal additives that resist mould, mildew and algae growth  and inhibit the growth of bacterial odours. 

Think by INSTLE Fabric offers the durability necessary to be placed both indoors and outdoors for commercial, marine and residential spaces. 

Fabric Applications: 

Instyles Think range has become quite popular for a lot of people. We have had clients use this fabric for their seating in camper-vans and seating in cafes. 

Other clients have used the Think range for beach bags, and bags for surfboards. Designer Jacky Winter used the range for a communal seating area in the office of Nest Architects. 

Outdoor Upholstery Fabric