Mariner Boat Hooding is a premium PVC material which provides resistance against water and sun. Totally waterproof, rot proof and durable, Mariner Boat Hooding will provide protection all year round. Due it its waterproof nature, other applications of this material include Tonneau covers, automotive covers, utility covers and canopy covers. 

It is through this fabric guide I will speak on how Boat Hooding is typically used, along with alternative applications.

Boat Enclosure Material:

Mariner PVC Hooding is used to create enclosures for different areas of a boat. Including the cockpit enclosure, flybridge enclosure, or cabin enclosure. These enclosures can provide protection from rain, wind and sun, allowing boaters to enjoy their time on the water in various conditions. Marine Boat hooding can also be used as a cover to protect the entire boat or specific sections of the boat. Including indoor and outdoor seats, boat equipment and dingy.

Tonneau Cover Material:

A tonneau cover is a hard or soft cover that spans the back of a truck, ute or other automotive car to protect the load from weather elements. Boat Hooding is an ideal material for this application due to its weather resistant, uv resistant and mould resistant properties.

Automotive Cover Material:

Just like a boat cover, Mariner Boat Hooding can be employed to make weather shields or barriers to protect sensitive equipment in a truck / car.

Canopy Cover Material:

In certain situations, Mariner PVC hooding can be used as a temperary shelter when camping or during short stops in inclement weather.