Superproof 12 Canvas.

Bentwood Textiles offers a range of canvas fabrics perfect for a variety of applications. With a range of different strengths, colours, tear resistance and water resistance, Bentwood Textiles has a canvas suitable for all of your outdoor needs. When it comes to the outdoors, there are many qualities are fabric should possess in order to function correctly and withstand the weather conditions of a particular environment.  Some key features to look out for when choosing an outdoor canvas is a UV resistant canvas, a water proof canvas, a mildew resistant canvas and a dimensionally stable (shrinkage resistance) canvas.

The following three ranges, Superproof 6, Superproof 8 and Superproof 12 are ideal for awnings, retractable covers, caper trailer walls and roofs, bags, satchels, loose covers and more. It is through this fabric guide that we are going to take a look at the Superpoof 12 range and the benefits of this outdoor canvas. 

Manufactured and assembled in Australia, Supaproof 12 canvas is slightly heavier than Superproof 8. Superproof 12 is offered at the durable weight of 530gsm and used for roofing, tarpaulins and box trailers. Superproof 12 is an acrylic proofed polyester/ cotton fabric which is rated as being rot and mildew resistant due to the protective coating applied to this outdoor canvas. This canvas is guaranteed to provide superior performance for all outdoor applications that require the highest level of strength.   

This canvas has been specifically designed and developed for bush-craft tarps, camper van roofs, camper van walls and long term covers that sit outside for long periods of time exposed to daily weather. Superproof canvas provides incredible stability and is recommended as a high-quality solution for applications that require water resistance and additional strength, like roofs, tarpaulins and covers for trailers. 

Superproof canvas is an incredibly strong awning canvas. If you a looking for a canvas suitable for your tepee roof, tepee wall, a temporary shelter, a box trailer canvas, a box trailer cover, a campervan canvas for it roof/ wall, a canvas suitable for bushcraft tarps or just a general long term tarp for the outdoors, then the Superproof 12 is the canvas for you. Available in a range of colours, Superproof 12 is a high quality, durable outdoor canvas sure to last the test of time.