The Bentwood Upholstery vinyl range was tested by Rosebery Fabrics for a whole year before we started to buy it from our suppliers in the UK. 

We actually left this vinyl out in the Australian sun for a whole year. We upholstered chairs that the company used for outdoor seating to see how the vinyl would perform. The results were excellent - no fading of colour, no peeling of fabric, no water damage and no cracks. Since then, we have used the Bentwood Upholstery Vinyl range for many projects from commercial fit-outs in high traffic areas, residential homes, and home care furniture. 

The Automotive industry buy a lot of this vinyl as its very heavy duty and ideal for motorbike seating, car upholstery, motorhome seating and caravan seat restoration. 

Our clients expressed taking a liking to this vinyl as its easy to use and nice to sew on a normal domestic sewing machine. We recommend using polyester thread opposed to cotton as it is much stronger and the thickest needle your domestic sewing machine will take.