12oz Scoured Cotton Canvas
12oz Scoured Cotton Canvas
12oz Scoured Cotton Canvas
12oz Scoured Cotton Canvas

Bentwood Textiles

12oz Scoured Poly Cotton Canvas

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12oz Scoured Poly Cotton Canvas

Bentwood Textiles

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Our 12oz Scoured Poly Cotton Canvas is made from 52% polyester and 48%  cotton fibres and comes in a 2 meter width. This canvas has been scoured resulting in a clean, smooth, cream- coloured material. 

The term 'scoured' refers to the thorough cleaning of the cotton fibres. Scoured cotton canvas is a versatile and durable fabric that has undergone a specialised cleaning process called scouring to remove impurities and prepare it for further treatments or applications. 

In terms of appearance, scoured canvas typically has a slightly off-white or natural cream colour, which provides a neutral background for various artistic or decorative endeavours. It can be further treated with dyes or finishes to achieve desired colours, patterns or textures. 

Features & Benefits:

  • 12oz Scoured Poly Cotton Canvas exhibits several desirable quantities. It has a smooth and even texture, allowing for excellent printability and paint adhesion, making it a popular choice for artists and painters.
  • This canvas is ideal for loose furniture covers as it doesn’t need pre washing. The removal of impurities also ensures that the fabric is less prone to shrinkage and retains its original dimensions and shape.  
  • Artist Canvas
  • Couch Slip covers
  • Light Upholstery
  • Bags 
  • Indoor Covers
  • Photography backdrops
  • Caravan Applications
  • Craft / Sewing / Home decor 

Made in Australia. 

Price is per meter. If you order more than one meter it will come in one continuous piece.